About Homtime

Homtime, home time for short, is an accurate and concise description of our business goal. Home is the harbor of our heart and the place we take a rest and return to ourselves, and so home is a place full of happiness and freedom and a symbol of our inner self. Time is impersonal, relentless and rigorous, and so it is a real world we cannot evade.


The time at home is happy and totally belongs to ourselves. Homtime helps you go back to your own time and let time bring you more happiness.


Our Chinese brand 美时,is a good presentation of our brand concept, because we are in research of the combination of Happiness and Time.


Homtime is committed to audio technology. Our business theme is to perform music perfectly. The handwritten form and the rigorous script of time in the logo present our devotion to studying elaborate combination of humanity and technology.


The red ring shows our understanding of and yearning for happiness.

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